Telling Your Food Brand’s Unique Story

No one knows the story of your business better than you do. So why is it so hard to tell that story in a compelling manner? Maybe it’s because you’re a chef or an entrepreneur, not a novelist or screenwriter. But you don’t need a literary degree to give your audience an engaging tale that keeps them coming back for more. We love this Forbes article for its helpful tips – here’s what we took away:

Being Authentic

Just like a movie that doesn’t seem realistic can fail to grab your attention, telling a false brand story is a quick way to lose the trust of your audience. Painting a picture of a perfect company rise with no challenges, or even presenting untrue product attributes, can lose potential customers faster than anything they might experience with the product. Stories should be relatable – even if they aren’t all rainbows and butterflies!

Having a Lesson.

Even if your business is brand-new, it’s the result of a struggle or a challenge or a journey. The lesson, or outcome, at the end of that journey is the characteristic of the story that will resonate most with your audience. Maybe your business is the result of a cherished family recipe being left in your care, or maybe your brand name is the street where something important happened to you. The outcome of that story should be the talking point that really connects with the customer.

Use the Audience.

Tell your company’s story with your audience, not at them. Invite them to participate by commenting on social media or on your blog posts, and share the messages that resonate with you. Reposting your audience’s posts about your product is one way of crafting a narrative together, rather than composing it yourself. And isn’t that much more fun?

Though it can feel daunting to tell a good story about your brand, remember that you don’t have to make it up – it’s inside of you already! Now get out there and share with the world.

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