5 Best TED Talks For Food Entrepreneurs

ted talks food entrepreneurs

We’ve all utilized TED to learn about topics in business, design, and psychology. Their short videos, presented by engaging speakers, are a great way to infuse quick bursts of educational content into your day. But have you used TED to inspire your food business recently? If not, we’ve compiled this list of the best food-related TED Talks on the web.

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The Next Big Thing Is Coming From The Bronx, Again

Haven’t heard of Ghetto Gastro? it’s time to get acquainted. This collective of food, art, and design professionals is introducing the world to the flavors and culture of the Bronx. You’ll be inspired by their multidisciplinary approach to food, working within multiple structures and mediums to further their cause. Maybe your food brand should branch out, too!

Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce

Malcolm Gladwell is the king of uncovering the stories behind your favorite products. In this TED Talk, he delves into the scientific R&D process for some of the most well-known CPG products, like Diet Pepsi, Prego, and more. There’s a lot to learn here about learning from your customers, identifying what they’re looking for, and segmenting your audience. Plus, it’s just a great story!

Why Being Respectful To Your Coworkers Is Good For Business

The food industry can be an overworked, competitive place. Whether you’re too busy to consciously be polite or you’re facing a cutthroat market and need to be aggressive, it can be difficult to be on good behavior. This TED Talk is a great reminder that being polite, kind, and respectful isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also good for your business’ bottom line.


A Plant’s Eye View

In our plant-based era, we’re making enormous changes in the types of crops that we grow and eat. Author Michael Pollan asks us to reconsider our relationship to these plants. We aren’t quite as in control of plants as we think we are, he argues. In fact, it’s the reverse. Watch if you’re ready to change your thinking around plants, agriculture, and our most important human relationship.

A Forgotten Ancient Grain That Could Help Africa Prosper

This final TED Talk comes from entrepreneur Pierre Thiam, whose business Yolélé has been recently making a splash on the trade show circuit. Yolélé’s product is an African ancient grain called fonio. The crop holds a lot of promise for a future that depends on increased biodiversity and lower environmental impact. If your business has a social mission, then you’ll be inspired by Thiam’s commitment to making the food system better while making meals more delicious.

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