New Year, New Food Business 2019

Ah, the New Year’s Resolution. Gyms everywhere will be packed, nutrition apps downloaded, and budgeting undertaken. The feeling of starting something new, of making a commitment to yourself, is unmatched. Why not bring that energy to your professional life? Your food business doesn’t need to be “new” to get in on the action. Whether you need to take the first step or refine the steps you’ve already taken, we’ve put together an interactive campaign that will help you breathe life into your food business. The time is now, so why not join our New Year, New Food Business challenge?

How to jump in:

  1. Check out our blog series. Throughout January, we’ll be posting exclusive weekly pieces on business planning, banking, bookkeeping, and more. It’s everything you need to get your business off the ground, or tighten up your most essential components. Don’t miss them!
  2. Set a resolution for your food business! Choose a goal for your business that you can make progress on this month. Feel like sharing? We hope you do! Send us an email at, comment on this blog, or tag us on social (more on that below). We’ll be sharing them all on our feeds!
  3. Sign up for our newsletter! We’ll be checking in and posting updates from the community in our regular weekly email. Click here!
  4. Show us how it’s going, or ask a question. Just use the hashtag #NYNFB and tag us on Instagram or Facebook! We love to see progress, offer support, and share your successes with the rest of the Foodboro community. As everyone knows, people who share their resolution’s progress have more success than those who go it alone. Let’s do it together!
  5. Pick up a Toolkit membership. If you want an edge up on the competition, you’ll need help with sales, marketing, web design, and more. The Foodboro Toolkit contains discounts on essential business services, and it’s available at a low price for our early subscribers. Sign up today.

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