Library: Best Email Marketing Tools for Food Brands

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As a food business, your email marketing game is everything. Whether you want to connect with customers, gain valuable data, or automate your sales process, email marketing can help. Depending on your purposes, one service can be perfectly suited for your business while another may slow you down or break the bank.

We’ve evaluated some of the top email marketing tools so that you can compare them for your business’ needs. We checked our pricing, features, pros and cons, saving you time when you need to make that crucial decision. Did we miss your favorite service? Let us know!

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Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools out there, but after a breakup of their integration with Shopify, many users were left in the lurch. While you can still connect Mailchimp to your Shopify account using an integration tool like Zapier, some features may not work – like your abandoned cart emails. We know those are important, so it may be worth using another tool if you rely on Shopify.

Mailchimp is one of the few platforms with a free plan, so it can be a great place to start your email marketing. But you’ll quickly grow out of the 2,000 contacts that are included, and you’ll miss out on crucial features like A/B testing, customer support, and having multiple audiences. Paid plans range from $9.99/month to $299/month

Constant Contact

The price tag on Constant Contact can be a turnoff for some businesses ($20/month to $90/month for the basic plan, or $45/month to $155/month for the Email Plus plan), but with a wide breadth of features and templates, a brand that is planning to grow quickly and wants to start immediately testing and iterating may do well here. Constant Contact integrates with Shopify easily, as well as other e-commerce platforms, making it ideal for those selling online.

In some ways, Constant Contact is friendlier to the new user than Mailchimp. It has more templates for you to play around with, and you can use the free trial period to make sure it’s the right service for you. The Email Plus plan even includes a survey feature, so if you need to quickly acquire information about your audience, that could be key.


HubSpot, besides being a discounted option when working with Streetlight Ventures, is a powerful e-commerce tool that allows your business to center many of its digital operations in a single place. This includes email marketing! Because of this, pricing is a little different than some other plans. Users can select from a Starter ($50/month), Professional, and Enterprise plan, which all include features outside of just email marketing.

While pricier than other options on the list, HubSpot is more of a full-service solution for e-commerce. You’ll be able to create and schedule social media and blog posts, and utilize workflows – which allow you to track and automate your customer’s journey with your brand. You’ll also have powerful CRM and Sales tools, which means you’ll have access to nearly every aspect of your brand’s operations in one place.

Businesses working with Streetlight Ventures also receive 20% off HubSpot services of any tier, so join today for this and many other great partner discounts!

Campaign Monitor

This lesser-known email marketing platform has a wide variety of pricing options, making it a solid choice for brands who just aren’t sure how many email contacts they’ll have or features they’ll need. Users don’t pay until they’re ready to send an email! That’s a great feature if you just want to play around with email marketing, build some campaigns, and test out the features.

Once you’ve begun, you’ll choose from a plethora of plans that range from $9/month to $299/month. If you’re a low-volume emailer with only a few hundred subscribers, this may be the most economical choice. Templates aren’t as strong as Constant Contact or Mailchimp, but if you can learn to use the designer, you’ll be on your way in no time. It also integrates with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, making sales a breeze.

One downside of Campaign Monitor is the inability to preview email campaigns on mobile. Customers are increasingly using their phones for email and purchasing, so it’s important to understand what your emails look like on mobile.

Which service to choose? If you have the time, test out multiple platforms in order to see how they work for your abilities and needs. Utilize free trials and free plans until you’re sure that you’ve chosen the right service for your brand. Email marketing tools will only become more important, so it’s crucial to get it right from Day 1.

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