Issuing Coupons for Your Food Brand

issuing coupons food brand

Why Coupons?

The idea of manufacturer’s coupons may conjure mental images of kitchen table coupon clipping or shows like Extreme Couponing. Because of that, you may not think that coupons fit into your digital or physical marketing strategy. But it’s 2019, and coupons have changed. In the digital age, they’re just as relevant as ever. Issuing coupons for your food brand could make all the difference.

Both digital and in-store coupons are part of a holistic marketing approach. Coupons can be a great way to improve your retail sales, inspire customer loyalty, support a marketing campaign, or introduce a new product. And with the rise of digital shopping, there are more tools than ever to support the creation, redemption, and implementation of coupons for your brand. Here are a few!

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Types of Coupons

These are the coupons your customers can redeem at a retailer. In some cases, these coupons can be distributed and managed by the retailer themselves – ask your buyer whether this is possible!

These are coupons that are created for use online, whether in your own e-commerce store or via a 3rd party seller.

Coupon Tools & Services


Probably the best-known coupon platform out there, Qples has their own software for building and distributing digital coupons. You can launch your coupons via your own networks (social media, email, landing pages tied to ads, etc), or you can distribute to their network of shoppers.


Woobox is a marketing campaign platform that also contains coupon capabilities. Because they specialize in quizzes, giveaways, and other marketing campaigns, you can get pretty creative in what you ask your user to do before receiving a coupon. This is great for gaining customer data! Just like Qples, Woobox is only for digital coupon management.


Coupontools is a powerful Belgian-based coupon service with a LOT of customizability. They feature a WYSIWYG editor for your coupons (which can be fully whitelabeled), many integrations, SMS and GPS-based coupon distribution services, and much more. This means it’s far more expensive than some other coupon softwares, and possibly more powerful that new brands may need.

Coupon Carrier

If you need to distribute coupons via email or chatbot, Coupon Carrier may be the way to go. Their service integrates with Mailchimp, Shopify, and other email marketing platforms. You can send automatic custom coupons to new customers, or issue coupons for abandoned cart items. Basically any event you can track with your email service provider, you can send a coupon for. Perfect for anyone who wants to dip their toes into couponing without spending a lot of time setting up assets and integrations.


PromotionPod is another big name in coupons, and they have more options for coupon distribution than any one brand could ever need. They also have plenty of resources for preventing coupon fraud, which is especially important when you’re handing out high-value coupons. They have easy-to-use templates, gating tools (so you can target specific geolocations), and much more.


Ibotta is a very different kind of couponing platform. It’s a consumer-facing app that rewards shoppers for choosing brands, by verifying their purchases and issuing cash back. You can reach specific audiences, track campaigns and sales metrics, and issue streamlined refunds without having to deal with retailers.

Coupon Clearinghouses

In the olden days, coupons were processed by clearinghouses, who served as the go-between for brands and retailers. In many cases, these large companies, such as Inmar or Mandlik & Rhodes, are still the best option for in-store coupons. They distribute and process your coupons, as well as detect fraud. Retailers have deadlines for how quickly they are repaid, and working with a clearinghouse ensures that your invoices are paid on time.

Know a coupon company we missed? Want to share your own coupon success stories? Let us know in the comments!

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