How to Improve your Food Business HR

food business HR

The food industry isn’t exactly known for premium HR. With the daily responsibilities of running a business in the food industry, activities like hiring and payroll can be relegated to piecemeal systems and stop-gap solutions. This is often an operational nightmare: paychecks can come inconsistently, employees can go untrained, and potential candidates can fall through the cracks. It’s time to improve food business HR.

Many food and beverage businesses utilize a series of antiquated steps for their HR services. Whether it’s an excel spreadsheet that manages the schedule and hourly reporting, or a coffee-stained training document, often business owners use ancient systems just because they don’t want to change.

It’s time to step up our HR operations! There are plenty of digital tools and software that streamline and simplify key HR processes. A few of our favorite are below.

Still writing checks?

Everyone enjoys getting paid, but does anyone enjoy doing payroll? What about managing benefits? Unfortunately, the things that make your business great to work for – regular checks, valuable benefits – seem to make your job more difficult. That doesn’t need to be the case! A payroll and benefits management program, like TriNet, can administer and automate these key operational activities. Stop worrying about whether you’ve paid everyone, and start managing your business.

Still hiring unqualified candidates?

As everyone knows, employee turnover is expensive. That’s why investing in quality hiring tools is worth the cost! Use a platform especially for candidates looking for quality, values-driven jobs in the food industry. Good Food Jobs is more than just a job posting site – it’s an ecosystem for industry members who care. Post available jobs and find candidates who will stick around.

Still training with a laminated checklist?

Or worse – no checklist at all? It’s time to automate your training and onboarding. You can’t grow or scale your food business when your operations live inside your head. A software like Trainual can serve as a manual, testing tool, and Wikipedia for your unique business. Spend less time on walkthroughs and Q&A’s, get employees up to speed faster, and build an operations manual without having to build an operations manual. Your business will thank you later.

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