The 10 Hottest Beverage Brands of 2019

hottest beverage brands

In the saturated beverage market, emerging brands have to do more than ever to stand out. Whether they lean in to trends or carve out an entirely new category, small beverage brands are among the most fun to watch. We’ve compiled a list of brands we think will get the most attention this year, from the beach cooler to the work fridge.

They fall under a few general categories, with plenty of overlap: boozy, sparkling, herbal + medicinal, and tea!

Think we missed one? Let us know!

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Sanzo Sparkling Water

Based in Queens, New York, Sanzo is a new kind of sparkling water brand. Founder Sandro Roco is a second-generation Filipino-American looking to bridge the gap between American and Asian beverages by combining unique fruit flavors with classic sparkling water. With flavors like Calamansi (a Filipino citrus fruit), Mango, and Lychee, Sanzo is hoping to unite sparkling beverage fans from around the world. That’s a mission we can get behind.


It’s about time sparkling tea made a splash. Minna, a New York-based company, may be young, but they have big plans. With sharp branding and a social component (1% of their sales go to non-profits working on inclusion), we’re excited to see Minna and founder Ryan Fortwendel get their due. Their three sparkling tea flavors are refreshing, light, and perfect for slow sipping. Catch them around New York – for now.

Bon Temps

Gone are the fusty tea brands of old! Bon Temps is a Toronto-based tea company for a new generation. With a female founder, an empowerment mission (the company issues micro-grants to women for art and cultural projects), and bundled packages named after notable feminists, Bon Temps is breaking the mold of what a tea company can be. We’re ready for whatever they do next.


hottest beverage brands - olipop

Back in the day, soda was marketed as medicinal, made with herbs and natural ingredients. Olipop, a new California sparkling soda drink, is a take on those healthful days. Founders Ben and David are putting research on the human microbiome into practice, using natural flavors like chicory root and calendula for digestive benefits. Watch out for this one with the health-conscious crowd.


Colorado-based DRAM has been around since 2011, but 2019 is shaping up to be their best year yet. Founded by “herbal alchemist” Shae Whitney and her husband Brady Becker, the company crafts tonics, bitters, and now, a new line of nationally-distributed drinks. Their line of CBD-infused sparkling water (in Lemongrass and Gingergrass flavors!) are sure to be propelled by the wave of CBD interest. Pair that with some real cute packaging, and you’ve got yourself a smash hit.


This female-founded “herbal tonic” company began as a successful Kickstarter campaign. Founder Eliza Timson was an MBA student who fell in love with herbal remedies, crafting a series of recipes inspired by real women she knew. Sunwink has taken California by storm, likely due to its low sugar content and digestive powers. We’re loving the latest iteration of the bottle!

Willie’s Superbrew

If there is an official drink of Summer 2019, we’re betting on Willie’s Superbrew. A cross between a hard seltzer and a kombucha, this perfectly refreshing and low-ABV brand will definitely be a beach and camp staple. It’s the first alcohol brand with an actual nutrition facts label and ingredients list, and their mission of transparency (plus a great recent rebrand) will go a long way.

Kin Euphorics

More people than ever are looking for non-alcoholic options that work in alcoholic settings. Co-founder Jen Batchelor built Kin Euphorics to satisfy that desire. This unique recipe combines nootropics, adaptogens, and herbs for a “spirit” that can be served straight or with mixers. With great branding and a strong value prop, we’re looking out for more Kin in bars and social clubs across America. Cheers!


hottest beverage brands - juneshine

San-Diego based Juneshine is not the first hard kombucha company, but they are the best positioned for success. A healthy beverage adapted for a social lifestyle is perfect for today’s consumer. Juneshine is poised to take over, thanks to a recent fundraising round and some high-profile ambassadors. And yes, the can is adorable.


hottest beverage brands - nixie

In the natural foods world, Nicole Dawes of Late July is a veritable celebrity. Now, she’s branching out from the cracker and chips world and diving into the sparkling water category. With plenty of experience under her belt, we’re betting her new brand of sparkling water with fruit flavors will make a big splash. Nixie launched at Expo West this year, so look out for them near you soon!

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