Holiday Marketing for Food Entrepreneurs

It’s a busy time to be a food entrepreneur. On top of buying gifts for friends and family and cooking for potlucks and parties, you’ve got to make sure your business gets attention with holiday marketing. The holidays are a great time to make sales, but it takes work. Set yourself up for success using promotions and marketing materials that help you sell even when you’re busy. Out of ideas? Steal a few of these, and you’ll be making creative content and driving holidays sales in no time.

Create Complimentary Content

Creating holiday-specific content is a great way to connect with your audience and what’s on their minds. Holiday recipes, seasonal cards, and gift guides are all good content ideas. They don’t take much time or money to create, but they do keep your brand relevant during the holiday season. You can also ask your audience for examples of how they use and gift your product. That way, you’ll also get user-generated content out of the deal!

Try Seasonal Promotions

If you haven’t built a gift set, now’s the time! If you only sell one SKU, consider combining forces with another brand to craft a promotion that supports both of you. If you sell multiple products, create a package – maybe with exclusive extras, like stickers or bags – that customers can only buy this season. Or try a social media giveaway or coupon! Customers have come to expect these types of promotions this time of year. Throw in a free sampler with purchases, or give away free shipping for one day only. ‘Tis the season!

Get Email Happy

Everyone is being bombarded with emails this time of year, so it’s especially important to make yours stand out. Dynamic emails – with videos, gifs, unique photos and links – are sure to perform better than static ones. This list of restaurant holiday emails from OpenTable has some great examples. Our non-restaurant friends can also set themselves apart from the crowd with unique sales and sending emails at non-crowded times. Remind your audience the last day for shipping before Christmas, or send them a New Year’s-themed email – both can be uniquely you!

The most important part of holiday marketing? Don’t stress yourself over it. Luckily for us, there’s always another holiday around the corner. So if you’re not doing as well as you’d hoped, you don’t have long to wait. Soon, we’ll be doing it all over again for Valentine’s Day!

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