Hacking Trade Shows: Get More For Your Money With These Tips

The trade show. Three words that can inspire either delight or deep fear in the food & beverage community. All your friends, partners, and competitors will be there, so you want to look your best, but you’re probably on a budget. You’re choosing between spending on banners and fancy assets or samples and staff, but how can you know which will pay off?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, start with one simple step: defining success. What does a “great trade show” mean to you? Is it relationship building with buyers and brokers? Is it driving consumer sales? Is it gathering feedback? Whatever your goal, design your setup and your strategy with that goal in mind. Don’t lose sight.

We loved this article from TPG Live Events on hacking the trade show circuit. It’s not specific to F&B, but many of the lessons are universal:

  • Invest in your staff. Finding staff who are personable, engaged with the audience and passionate about the brand. Every interaction matters and good staff will make every minute count.
  • Streamline your messaging. Make sure your brand name and your products are easy to spot, and you’re not cluttering your physical space with too much verbiage or imagery.

This video on Fancy Food, the mecca of specialty food trade shows, also gives some insider tips from current exhibitors. And this article, from Rosseto, is chock-full of food-specific tips for crafting a high-quality experience for your audience.

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