3 Reasons Your Food Business Needs A Blog

food business blog

You’ve built your food business website, and maybe you’re even using it to create an e-commerce shop. With all that completed, you may think your digital duties are finished. But if you want to grow your food brand, it’s time to start blogging! You don’t have to be a world-famous writer to create blog content that your audience will enjoy. And while blogging can take time to pay off, it’s an important part of your brand growth. Here’s why, and how, you should get started on a food business blog today!

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1. SEO

Want customers to find you on the internet? Then it pays to work on your SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the way by which search engines, like Google, will find and display your business’s website. In order for you to rank highly for search terms that are related to your business (like “bakery,” “catering,” and your location), there are various strategies you can use to improve your SEO. One of these is blogging! If your website has many pages that are related to your business, Google users are more likely to find you.

Content marketers can tell you much about how to blog for SEO, but you absolutely don’t need to be an expert to start blogging. Simply writing about topics related to your business will improve your Google ranking over time. Make sure to write about a diverse set of topics, and alternate the types of blog content that you produce (for example, a photo journal or a video piece) for best results.

2. Audience Building

Your customers will find it easier to connect to your brand if you have a blog! Writing about topics like your story, your milestones, and your process will give fans insight into the business. They’ll be much more likely to become long-term customers if they feel invested in what you’re building. Blogging is a great way to give them an insider look, and it helps you communicate directly with them through another channel.

Not sure what to write about? Use a guide, like this one, if you’ve got a case of writer’s block. We love ideas that give your fans a new way to interact with your product, like a recipe, an unexpected pairing, or a partnership with another food business.

3. Brand Development

We’ve talked about building your brand voice before, and one way to do so is through blogging. Your blog allows you to test out and exercise your brand voice by writing on different subjects. If you’d like your brand to be associated with health and wellness, you can blog about health topics with an air of authority and knowledge. If your brand is more fun and friendly, more irreverent topics – like pop culture – might be right. Your blog topics help produce your brand voice, so make sure that whatever you write follows your brand’s style guide and structure!

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