3 Essential Tools to Up Your Food Business’s Instagram Game


We don’t have to tell you how important it is to use social media for your food business. Social media is a major way for customers to get to know, connect with, and even shop your food brand. The App Store is full of tools designed to help you make the most of your social, but many of them are costly or difficult to use. We’ve tried many of them, and narrowed it to the three absolute essentials that won’t break the bank. Soon, you’ll be social media scheduling, creating gorgeous and brand-enhancing posts, and using user-generated content.

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1. Craft a cohesive page and save valuable time with Later.

If you’re new to the game, you’re probably posting to Instagram every few days as you see fit. You might not be using much strategy to guide what you post, and when. But you don’t have to be an analyst to make smart Instagram decisions that will improve your page. The Later App (which is also available on your web browser) allows you to aggregate all your content, schedule your posts at optimal times, and even auto-publish your posts without having to lift a finger. No more searching through your phone for content! And no more posting late at night because you were too busy in production all day.

Besides the resources in the app itself, the Later team has assembled tons of valuable resources to teach you everything about Instagram marketing. This guide is a serious read, power-packed with tips and tricks that you didn’t know you needed. The team also hosts regular webinars, which you can view on their site.

2. Create beautiful branded content with Canva.

Ever wonder how other brands are making gorgeous Instagram stories, or posts that look like they required a serious graphic designer? The best-kept secret in the business might be Canva. It’s an app and web platform that allows you to create social media posts that are both perfectly-sized and beautiful. It’s important to keep your Instagram look cohesive, and there’s no easier way to do that than with Canva’s templates. And the best part? The basic version of Canva is totally free.

3. Utilize user-generated content with Repost for Instagram.

Your customers are loving your food product, and they’re probably posting about it on Instagram. It’s a great idea to capture and repost that content, which gives social proof to your brand (and saves you time creating content yourself!). But most repost apps require you to use a watermark crediting the poster, which looks bad. It’s important to give credit to the original poster (and to ask permission before posting), but you can easily do that by tagging them in the comments. We’ve found just one free repost app that allows you to remove the watermark, and it’s Repost for Instagram! (If you search “Regrann” in the app store, it’s the first result.)

With these three apps in tandem, you’ll be able to create a cohesive Instagram that represents your brand. And with all the time you’ll save, you can get back to the rest of the business – off the screen.

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