All The 2019 Sofi Award Winners, Compiled

2019 sofi award

It’s that time of year again – the announcement of the sofi Award winners! Each year, members of the Specialty Food Association submit their products for blind taste consideration by a panel of judges, and the winners get more than a shiny trophy. Winning a sofi award is one of the biggest achievements in the specialty foods category, and can be a great boost for your food business. Here are the 2019 sofi award winners!

We’ve compiled the Bronze, Silver and Gold winners in each category for your perusing pleasure. Congrats to the winners, who are giving us major inspiration!

Baked Goods:

Bronze: Taskin Bakery, Turkish Pide Bread

Silver: Manicaretti Italian Food Importers, Panettone

Gold: Date Lady, Fruitcake

Best New Product: Manicaretti Italian Food Importers, Panettone

Baking Ingredient:

Bronze: Appel Foods, Nut Crumbs

Silver: Artisan Kettle, Organic Peppermint Chips

Gold: Just Date Syrup, San Mateo

Best New Product: Artisan Kettle, Organic Peppermint Chips

Baking Mix:

Bronze: South and Spoon Pudding Company, Salted Brown Sugar Pudding

Silver: PCS Gourmet Foods, Grainless Pancake & Waffle Mix

Gold: Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Co., Blood Orange Olive Oil Brownie Mix

Best New Product: PastryBase, Gluten-Free Gooey Blondies Mix

Barbecue Sauce:

Bronze: Loubier Gourmet, Hot BBQ Sauce

Silver: Rub with Love, Ancho Molasses BBQ Sauce

Gold: Wildly Delicious, Korean BBQ Short Rib Grilling Sauce

Cheese – Cow Milk:

Bronze: Rogue Creamery, Caveman Blue

Silver: Rogue Creamery, Oregon Blue

Gold: Bellwether Farm, Whole Milk Ricotta

Best New Product: Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Cabot Centennial Cheddar

Cheese – Non-Cow Milk, Mixed Milk:

Bronze: Vermont Creamery, Bijou

Silver: Nettle Meadow, Amber Kunik

Gold: Vermont Creamery, Coupole

Best New Product: Cypress Grove, Straight Up

Chocolate – Dark:

Bronze: Goodnow Farms, Coto Brus

Silver: Goodnow Farms, Asochivite

Gold: Goodnow Farms, Ucayali

Chocolate – Milk and White:

Bronze: Belgium’s Chocolate Source, Willie’s Cacao, Milk of the Stars

Silver: Fruition Chocolate Works, Brown Butter Milk

Gold: Askinosie Chocolate, Coconut Milk Chocolate

Chocolate – Candy:

Bronze: Katherine Anne Confections, Goat Cheese Walnut Truffle

Silver: Goodnow Farms, Special Reserve Whiskey

Gold: Italian Products USA, Croccante al Pistacchio

Best New Product: Goodnow Farms, Special Reserve 77% Dark Chocolate with Rye Whiskey

Cold Beverage – Drink and Cocktail Mix:

Bronze: Element Shrub, Chai Pear Shrub

Silver: Pacific Pickle Works, Bloody Mary Elixir

Gold: Bittermilk, No. 2 Tom Collins

Best New Product: Fever Tree, Aromatic Tonic Water

Cold Beverage – Ready to Drink:

Bronze: Fentimans, Rose Lemonade

Silver: Lori’s Original Lemonade, Original Lemonade

Gold: Lettieri & Co., Tomarchio Organic Aranchiata Rossa

Best New Product: Dona Chai, Turmeric Honeybush Spice Soda


Bronze: Max’s Imports, Mama’s Home Style Roasted Pepper Spread

Silver: Wozz! Kitchen Creations, Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish

Gold: Wozz! Kitchen Creations, Vietnamese Green Tea & Mint Dressing

Best New Product: Bourbon Barrel Foods, Small Batch Bourbon Ponzu


Bronze: Little Apple Treats, Apple Cider Caramels with Rose Petals + Cacao Nibs

Silver: Little Apple Treats, Apple Cider Caramels with Toasted Almonds

Gold: Katherine Anne Confections, Rosemary Sea Salt Caramel


Bronze: Holly Baking, Shortbread Sticks

Silver: That’s How We Roll, Thinster’s Dark Chocolate Coconut

Gold: Douglas Sweets, Italian Lemon & Rosemary Shortbread

Best New Product: Desserts on Us, Lacey’s Almond and Dark Chocolate

Cooking Sauce, Marinade:

Bronze: Kitchens of Africa, Yassa

Silver: Brooklyn Delhi, Tomato Achaar

Gold: Spicemode, Vindaloo

Best New Product: Meal Mantra, Goan Curry Simmer Sauce


Bronze: Effie’s Homemade, Pecan Nutcakes

Silver: Norwegian Baked, Knekkebrød

Gold: East Hampton Gourmet Foods, Lentil Rice Crispbread

Best New Product: East Hampton Gourmet Foods, Lentil Rice Crispbread

Dairy, Yogurt, Dairy Alternative:

Bronze: Dahlicious, Alphoso Mango Lassi

Silver: Cowgirl Creamery, Crème Fraiche

Gold: Vermont Creamery, Cultured Butter

Best New Product: Fireworks Finishing Butter, Honey Lavender Sea Salt Finishing Butter

Dessert Sauce or Topping, Syrup:

Bronze: Blackberry Patch, 3 Ingredient Satsuma Syrup

Silver: Béquet Confections, Caramel Sauce

Gold: Atalanta Corp., Deca & Otto Dulce de Leche

Best New Product: Runamok Maple, Organic Vermont Maple Cream

Granola, Cereal:

Bronze: Michele’s Granola, Lemon Pistachio

Silver: Hudson Henry Baking Co., Maple Pecan Granola

Gold: Sweethearth Bakeshop, Roots & Seeds Granola

Best New Product: Cacao Vita, Coffee & Cacao Peanut Butter Granola


Bronze: Italian Products USA, Acacia Blossom Italian Raw Honey

Silver: Savannah Bee Co., Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve

Gold: Rigoni Asiago LLC, Mielbio Organic Italian Acacia Raw Honey

Best New Product: Bee Seasonal, Aroeira Organic Brazilian Pink Pepper Blossom Honey

Hot Beverage:

Bronze: Harbor Sweets, Cocoa Santé Kashmir Spice

Silver: Goodnow Farms, Single Origin Hot Chocolate

Gold: Katherine Anne Confections, Mexican Drinking Chocolate

Hot Sauce:

Bronze: Lucky Foods, Seoul Kimchi Sauce

Silver: Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind, Smoked Maple Sriracha

Gold: Yellowbird, Organic Sriracha

Best New Product: Clark & Hopkins, Assam

Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Treat:

Bronze: Clementine’s Creamery, Salted Crack Caramel

Silver: Clementine’s Creamery, Gooey Butter Cake

Gold: Tea*Riffic Ice Cream, Masala Chai

Best New Product: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Frosé Sorbet

Jam, Preserve:

Bronze: Bella Cucina Artful Foods, Key Lime Spread

Silver: Vista D’oro Farms, Spiced Cranberry and Iced Apple Wine

Gold: Brins Jam & Marmalade, Lemon Saffron Marmalade

Best New Product: Blake Hill Preserves, Wild Rose Infused Strawberry

Meat, Poultry, Charcuterie:

Bronze: Tempesta Artisan Salumi, Wagyu Bresaola

Silver: Cibo Italia LLC, Cibo Italia Prosciutto di San Daniele

Gold: Tempesta Artisan Salumi, Culatello

Nut Butter, Seed Butter:

Bronze: Manna Organics, Coconut Cashew No Sugar Added

Silver: Wellnut Farms, Maple Walnut Butter

Gold: Manna Organics, Dark Chocolate Pecan

Best New Product: Noomi, Peanut Butter

Oil – Nut and Other Oil:

Bronze: La Tourangelle, Roasted Walnut Oil

Silver: La Tourangelle, Toasted Sesame Oil

Gold: The Art of Pecan, Pure Pecan Oil

Oil – Olive Oil:

Bronze: Enzo’s Olive Oil, Enzo Organic Basil Crush

Silver: Lettieri & Co., Iliada Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gold: Henri Mor SL, Henri Mor Private Reserve

Best New Product: Loi Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pasta, Rice, Grain:

Bronze: La Pasta, Chicken Sweet Corn and Poblano Ravioli

Silver: Lotus Foods, Organic Forbidden Pad Thai Rice Noodles

Gold: Lotus Foods, Organic Traditional Dehraduni Basmati Rice

Best New Product: Geechie Boy Mill, Red Grits

Pasta Sauce:

Bronze: Sauces ‘n Love, Creamy Mushroom Pizza Sauce

Silver: Sauces ‘n Love, Cauliflower Vegan Pesto

Gold: Italian Products USA, Sundried Red Pesto with Genovese Basil

Best New Product: Bolani, Cilantro Pesto

Pickled Vegetables / Preserved Fruits and Vegetables:

Bronze: Proper’s Pickle, Pickled Cauliflower

Silver: Proper’s Pickle, Pickled Vegetable Spears

Gold: Pacific Pickle Works, Fenn Shui

Best New Product: Pacific Pickle Works, Pickles Under the Ginfluence


Bronze: Fabrique Delices, Paté and Crackers Snack Pack

Silver: Dufour Pastry Kitchens, Black Olive and Two Cheese Cocktail Straw

Gold: Nona Lim, Thai Coconut Lime Bone Broth Heat & Serve Cup

Best New Product: Spinato’s Fine Foods, Primavera Broccoli Crust Pizza

Salsa, Dip:

Bronze: Bitchin’ Sauce, Chipotle

Silver: Bitchin’ Sauce, Bombay

Gold: Bitchin’ Sauce, Original

Savory Snack:

Bronze: GrandyOats, Turmeric Ginger Cashews

Silver: Creative Snacks Co., Almond Clusters with Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Cayenne, Turmeric and Honey

Gold: Noosh, Keto Coffee Almond Butter

Best New Product: Vegan Rob’s, Prebiotic Dragon Puffs


Bronze: Tsar Nicoulai, Estate Smoked Salmon

Silver: KL Keller Foodways, Alkorta Cod Filets

Gold: Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, Blue Hill Bay Smoked Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Best New Product: Adamas Caviar

Seasoning, Spice:

Bronze: Wing-a-Ling’s Dry Rubs, Fe Fi Fo Fish Rub

Silver: Rockin’ Rubs, Baja Border Blend

Gold: Mom’s Magic Masala, All-Natural Indian Spice Blend

Best New Product: Olivelle, Black Garlic Sea Salt

Sweet Snack:

Bronze: Traina Foods, Fruitons Sun-Dried California Cherries

Silver: Honey Mama’s, Oregon Peppermint Bar

Gold: Superseedz, Superseedz

Best New Product: Ziba Foods, Sweet Apricot Kernels


Bronze: Vahdam Teas, Blooming Rose Black Tea

Silver: Blue Lotus Chai, Traditional Masala Chai

Gold: Republic of Tea, Milk Oolong Full Leaf Tea

Best New Product: Choice Organic Teas, Shiitake Oolong


Bronze: Stonewall Kitchen, Grand Reserve Balsamic Vinegar

Silver: Wozz! Kitchen Creations, Juniper Grapefruit Honey Vinegar

Gold: Built by Bees, Sourwood Balsamic Vinegar

Best New Product: Olivelle, Vine-Ripened Raspberry Barrel Aged White Vinegar

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